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Whatever it takes to sell!!

1702 is the Mobile area’s FIRST HGTV-type concept Real Estate Boutique! We’re a ‘one-stop-shop‘ if you will, offering Sales, Renovation through our partners, Home Staging and Redesign all under one roof! How easy is that? We’re making the home selling, buying, and/or renovating experience uncomplicated for our clients by offering solutions all in one place.

What does the 1702 stand for you ask?

Wellllllll, the French, under Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville from his base at Fort Maurepas, established a settlement on the Mobile River in 1702. The settlement, then known as Fort Louis de la Louisiane, was first established at Twenty-seven Mile Bluff as the first capital of the French colony of Louisiana. It was founded under the direction of d’Iberville by his brother Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville to establish control over France’s Louisiana claims with Bienville having been made governor of French Louisiana in 1701.  – a little Wikipedia knowledge for your day!

We’re local through and through.

Not to mention authentic, honest, dependable, consistent, passionate, and bust our backs hardworking for each and every one of our clients!

It’s the 1702 difference.

Whether your next step is buying, selling, smaller renovations, or redesign, let our talents work for you! Our collection of expertise in different real estate facets from sales to renovation to Home Staging and redesign has cultivated a next-generation type Real Estate company better equipped to help you achieve your goals in the fastest and most cost-effective ways possible!

We pride ourselves on being able to help guide you through more than just the sales process, tying in different aspects along the way. We can help make your experience with us one that will change your expectations of all of your future real estate transactions!

Licensed Realtors

Experienced, knowledgeable, responsive and resourceful. 1702 Realtors are raising the bar in the Mobile area real estate market.See What’s Available

Renovation & ReDesign

Award winning renovation and redesign services that improve the look, feel, flow and value of your current or future home.Learn More

Home Staging

Staging helps give your home a competitive edge. 1702 simplifies the process by offering professional staging IN HOUSE at a deep discount to our listing clients.Check Out our Work

Who We Are

We’re from around here. We understand the market and what it takes to get the best possible price when you are selling or buying a home. We’re well versed in renovation, design, and staging. That’s why we’re always innovating- creating and compiling ways to make your home the one buyers want to own!

More than 90% of buyers today start their property search online. We enable you to make an impact with these buyers right from the start by preparing your home for buyers the ‘right way,’ increasing your home’s presence, and using the latest technology to make your home shine! Then we provide you the guidance needed to close the deal.

                                           Expertise. Innovation. Sales. It’s what we do.


It’s your city … own it!

Don’t be overwhelmed orchestrating the sale of your home! There are many moving parts. Let 1702 take the stress and guesswork out of selling your home! Get in Touch

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