Buying, Selling, Renovation, and Rocks

Throw a rock in any direction in Mobile, and you’re bound to hit at least one real estate professional. We’re like attorneys in this town- one on every corner! But, how do you know the guy you just smacked with a rock is the person you need to hire? Is he capable of handling all your real estate needs?

More than likely, you will need to sell your current home in order to purchase a new home. Add professional home staging, smaller updates that bring the most bank for your buck and some Southern Living-esque photography (all of which are necessary) for your soon-to-be old one, and your needs begin to build. Then, you find a home in your dream neighborhood, but it’s not quite so dreamy on the inside. Do you toss it in the “pass” pile?  You’ve no idea how to approach renovation and design, the Mobile Historic Development Commission, or even if the house will fall down one month after unpacking. I mean, does that “HGTV idea” even exist in real life? Just like that, you’ve run out of rocks before finding all the people you need.

So, what do you do? Firstly, let’s not throw rocks at anyone -only ugly throws rocks, and God don’t like ugly. Secondly, find a Realtor who knows homes, not just real estate. 1702 Real Estate knows houses inside out, from Downtown to Sky Ranch to West Mobile and all our wonderful neighborhoods in between. We are bridging the huge disconnect in Mobile’s Real Estate market between buying, renovating, staging, and selling a home. Our work and knowledge goes far beyond home tours, price negotiation, and paperwork.

So, what is the 1702 Real Estate difference? The MORE factor.

Selling a home is more than a sign in the yard.

Professional home staging, a beautiful and professional online presence, necessary repairs and updates that bring you top dollar, all acquired with ease, aid in reaping the biggest reward possible from your investment – possibly the biggest investment you’ve ever made.

We’re the idea bouncers when it comes to buying a home.

The not-so-dreamy house in that perfect neighborhood is a goldmine for an open-minded buyer with an agent who knows renovation. Exploring possibilities about what could be are the goal at every property toured. Also, when the deal hangs on addressing issues found through the home inspection (from estimating and organizing repairs to renovation), or your Pinterest ideas coming to life, we are ready to handle that, too.

When working with a buyer, I am a buyer’s agent. This means, that I am not merely a transaction agent – get the deal done no matter what. A buyer’s agent works solely to the benefit of their client.  All I want is the perfect home designed perfectly for the best price. I scour the home inspection, tick off every flaw in dollars and cents, and carefully plan a renovation budget before a bid is offered.

Yes, I read and understand home inspections and I’m aware when walking properties, which can save you money.

No, I’m not a contractor or an engineer (I’ll happily direct you to a number of them in the phone book!), but after renovating homes for 13 years, I know a little something, and I’m not scared to share my experiences.

During one of our recent renovation projects, which included updating the lighting, I made a costly discovery. Once we took down some light fixtures and then walls, the creative and unsafe wiring was revealed. Then, the homeowners mentioned a home inspection prior to purchase. Low and behold, the crazy electrical was listed in the inspection report. If only the agent had known what to look for while reading the report they could have prepared and dealt with the faulty wiring head-on. Instead, it bit them with a $6500.00 price tag later.

Renovation and restoration are not mysteries to me. They are passions.

Early in my career and fresh out of college, due to drinking a full glass of Rosie, the Riveter, I trial-by-fired it through the worlds of plumbing, tile, and basic home repairs, then on to complex restorations. (Secret side note: I STILL won’t touch electrical. Heck, I’m traumatized when winter comes along and I randomly get static shocked!) I have fallen through centuries-old flooring in Oakleigh and Midtown and lived to tell the tale with only a few battle scars. Then, I went on to restore the flooring, without using an inch of linoleum. I’ve made knotty pine cool again and made tight floor plans open and spacious by knocking out a few walls.

I became a Realtor 13 years ago, a professional Home Stager eight years ago, and then a Broker to open 1702 to provide clients what I noticed the market was missing:  a full-service shop of home buying, renovating, staging, design, and selling. So, although a real estate professional is only a stone’s throw away in Mobile, we’re not all the same. Some of us have the knowledge to turn thrown rocks into rock gardens. You deserve more so why not expect more?

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